5 Qualities of a Good Soccer Coach

A soccer team needs to have a good coach, if at all it is to be successful. Conversely, it is very hard for a soccer team to be successful, unless it has a good coach. But then, a question is bound to come up at this point — as to what exactly makes for a good soccer coach. And that is the question we will be attempting to answer in today’s article, as we explore the 5 qualities of a good soccer coach. Without further ado, those 5 qualities of a good soccer coach include:

  1. Good soccer skills: you can’t purport to be a soccer coach unless you have good soccer skills. Therefore good soccer skills are critical. Ideally, a good soccer coach should be someone who has played soccer for some time — with some decent degree of success in the game.
  2. Passion for the game: a good soccer coach should be someone who has real, tangible passion for the game. You see, passion and skills are two different things. There are folks who have excellent skills, but no passion for the game. Such would, quite obviously, make poor soccer coaches. An ideal soccer coach is someone who is constantly thinking of soccer every waking minute. That is the sort of person who could even forsake the opportunity to work for a company like Lowe’s (whose HR portal is www.myloweslife.com), in favor of soccer coaching.
  3. Ability to connect with the players: this is a question of having the right ‘people skills’. It is (more specifically) a question of having good communication skills – both at the verbal and non-verbal level.
  4. Ability to transfer skills: there are folks who have good soccer skills, but who simply lack the ability to transfer those skills from their skulls to the players they are supposed to coach. Needless to say, such make for poor soccer coaches. A good soccer coach is, by definition, someone who has good teaching skills.
  5. Ability to inspire the players: a coach is not just a teacher. A coach is a motivator, on top of being a teacher. Therefore an ideal soccer coach is someone who is able to inspire the players to do their best. An ideal soccer coach should inspire the soccer players to be better (than himself) at the game.

This article was written by David

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