How to Establish a Soccer Academy

Many of the successful soccer players in the world owe their success to soccer academies. Soccer academies usually take boys who have raw talent, and convert that talent into success. We all know that having soccer talent is one thing. Being actually successful (as a soccer player) is another matter altogether. It is possible to have fantastic soccer talent, yet end up playing for small-league teams. You often come across truly talented soccer players who are struggling, unable to benefit from their talents. Some are only able to play soccer on a part-time basis. Some have to work for companies like Walmart. Such a player therefore has to keep referring to the Walmartone schedule to know when he can play, and when he can’t. Whenever he learns of an upcoming tournament, he has to go to the Wm1 login page, sign in, and then check his schedule — to see whether he would actually be off-duty when the tournament would be taking place. Needless to say, such a player’s potential is wasted. Yet, if he had an opportunity to attend a soccer academy, his talent would have been developed, and he would possibly have gotten a chance to play in a professional league…

A soccer academy helps in refining the raw soccer talent, and converting it into something useful. It follows, then, that if you wish to play your part in developing upcoming soccer talents, you should consider setting up a soccer academy. And the process of setting up a soccer academy is a fairly simple one, entailing:

  1. Acquiring the soccer academy facilities: you need, at the very least, a soccer pitch, a staff room and a room where the students would be getting theoretical lessons. You may also need a locker room, an ablution block and a dining room. You can go a step further, and create boarding facilities for the students — which would entail setting up a dormitory and a kitchen.
  2. Recruiting the soccer academy staff: you need coaching staff, as well as support staff for the academy.
  3. Recruiting students for the soccer academy: these should ideally be upcoming players, who have raw talent that needs to be refined.

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