How to Maintain Discipline in a Soccer Academy

One the challenges you are likely to face, while running a soccer academy is that of maintaining discipline. Yet one of the key things that players are supposed to acquire, in the course of their training within the soccer academy is self-discipline. Whatever else you teach the students at the soccer academy would be pretty much meaningless, if they leave without having acquired the right level of self-discipline.

Here then, are some practical strategies you can use, in maintaining discipline within a soccer academy:

    1. Make the students understand the importance of discipline to a soccer player: This way, the students will have self-motivation to maintain high levels of discipline (knowing that their future career depends on it). So it is important for the soccer academy students to know that future clubs are likely to inquire into their discipline standards, before onboarding them. Just as it is important for one to have a decent credit score before going ahead to respond to capital one mail offer, so is it important for a soccer player to have a decent level of discipline, before applying to join a club.
    2. Create simple rules and regulations to govern discipline in the soccer academy: The rules have to be reasonable, to ensure that the students don’t feel as if they are in a jail.
    3. Have a system for rewarding the students who maintain a high level of discipline: The rewards offered in this regard need to be attractive enough to make the students to sincerely consider maintaining high levels of discipline.
    4. Having a system for sanctioning the students who fail to maintain the required levels of discipline: The sanctions need to be of a nature that really makes the soccer academy students to remain on the straight and narrow path. For minor infringements, sanctions like denial of privileges can work well. For major infringements, things like suspensions and even the possibility of expulsions could be considered.

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