How to Recruit Players for a Soccer Team

There are two approaches you can use, while trying to recruit players for a soccer team. In today’s article, we will be looking at those two approaches. We will be seeking to understand what each of them entails, and how exactly to go about using each of these approaches.

The first approach entails talent scouting. This, in other words, is a head-hunting approach. Under this approach, you send ‘scouts’ to watch upcoming players playing (in local tournaments or in small leagues). Then if you spot a very promising player, you approach him, and offer him an invitation to join your team. There is a great probability that he will accept the offer, if the terms are reasonably good. After all, at that stage, the player may only be enjoying soccer as an amateur, while holding another job on a part-time basis. He may, for instance, be one of the UPSers, that is, a UPS worker – after having gone successfully through the UPSerssign up procedure. Yet that person would obviously desire an opportunity to earn money from his soccer talent. If you spot his talent, and proceed to offer him an invitation to join your team, there is a good chance that he would jump at the said chance.

The second approach entails inviting applications for people who are interested in playing for the team. Here, you need to have a mechanism through which you can (objectively) gauge the prospective players’ talents. Then those who make the cut can be recruited into the team, and subsequently coached in order to become topnotch players. So here, you start by buying advertising space and sending out ads for people who are interested in joining your team to apply. Then you develop an objective criterion for interviewing the prospective players. After that, you subject the applicants to interviews. Then those who ace the interviews are subsequently enlisted in the team.

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