How to Select a Good Soccer Academy for Your Kid

You have just discovered that your kid has potential to become a good soccer player in the future. Now you want that potential to be developed. And therefore, you are in search of a soccer academy, to enroll the kid in. Naturally, you want to be sure that the soccer academy you will be enrolling your kid in is a good one. What are some of the considerations to be made? What exactly will you need to look at, while selecting a soccer academy to enroll your kid in?  Those are the questions we will be attempting to answer in today’s article, as we tackle the broader question on how to select a good soccer academy for your kid.

Without any further ado, some of the key considerations to be made while selecting a good soccer academy for your kid include:

  1. The academy’s equipment: this is the question as to how well equipped the soccer academy is. You can start by looking at the academy’s physical infrastructure, including the training fields. But you also have to pay close attention to the academy’s human resource: where you look at the caliber of people who work as trainers in the said soccer academy.
  2. The academy’s methods: some soccer academies are known to use rather controversial methods in training the kids to become soccer stars. You therefore have to look at the methods used in the soccer academy you are considering enrolling your kid in, and ensuring that you are comfortable with the methods used there.
  3. The academy’s track method: if it is an old academy (or at least one that has been in existence for quite some time), it is important to look at its track record. Based on the track record, you can calculate the odds of your kid becoming a star, if he starts his soccer career there.
  4. The academy’s cost: you have to be sure that the soccer academy you enroll your kid in is one that you can actually afford. So you first have to look at your means. If, for instance, you work for a company like Nordstrom, you can start by visiting your employee portal, at Once you get there, and after managing to log into the said portal (at, you can proceed to check through your pay stubs, to ascertain your true earnings. Then based on the figures you see, you can tell whether you can comfortably afford the fees for the soccer academy you are considering enrolling your kid in.

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