Using Soccer Stars to Endorse Products

One of the ways in which you can get more people to buy your products is by having them endorsed by soccer stars. It is important to appreciate that soccer stars tend to be folks who are greatly admired by the audiences they play for. Therefore, if a soccer player endorses a product, the impact is likely to be huge. There is a high likelihood of the audience that admires that soccer player to consider buying the endorsed product.  At the very least, if you use soccer players in your ads for various products, there is a likelihood of the ads being noticed. The people are, admittedly, likely to notice the soccer stars in the ads first. In other words, you will have a situation where, in the absence of the soccer stars, the ads would possibly have been totally ignored by some people. But just because of the presence of the soccer stars in the ads, the ads are noticed.

Now in the actual process of using soccer stars to endorse products, you need to:

  1. Identify the products to be endorsed: there are certain products that respond better to endorsement by soccer stars than others. Like if, for instance, you are marketing an energy drink, and it is endorsed by a soccer star who is known to be very energetic, that can be very good idea. Or if you are marketing sports kits (or sports betting sites) and you get endorsement from well known soccer stars, that can work out very well.
  2. Identify the soccer stars to work with: this may entail trying to figure out what the soccer stars are likely to charge, for their endorsements. Then you can work out whether or not that is something you can afford.
  3. Approach the soccer stars with a proposal: so this may be a question of calling the soccer stars whose endorsements you are seeking, and giving them your business proposals. In some cases, you won’t be able to engage the stars directly: you have to work with their agents or managers. You only need to identify the agencies that manage the soccer stars, get their phone contacts, and call them. If, for instance, you are using the Metro PCS phone network, you can first do the metro pcs pay bill online. The objective there would be to ensure that your communication with the soccer star (or agency managing him) isn’t interrupted because you failed to make a metro pcs payment on time. For if your call is dropped in the middle of the conversation, the soccer star or the agency managing him may stop viewing you as a serious client, leading to a situation where they hesitate to work with you. All said and done, the objective is to contact the soccer star, or the agency managing him, and getting them to buy into your proposal – where the soccer star would endorse the product you are selling for a fee.
  4. Create an ideal endorsement scheme: this may be an ad of your product, featuring the soccer star. Or it may be all about getting the soccer star to be spotted using your product. In the latter case, when the admirers of the soccer star spot him using your product, they will be more inclined to buy it – leading to more sales.

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